Monday, September 13, 2010

elwad 2alboh byewga3oh

hala hala

Its been long bas shno asawi, mali '7elg shai hehe.

I open the newspaper and all i see is

1- we7da wa6aniya. < -- my ass.
2- 6a2efeya, shia and sunni
3- marzouq alghanim and talal alfahad battles on who takes over elreyatha < -- min zeenha 3ad.
4- alqallaf < -- i hate this idiot.
5- iran and their nawawi < -- 6ab3an la nawawi wala ya7zanoon bas to scare us, incase they didn't notice, they don't have to mention elnawawi to scare us, our 7kooma already shat its pants.

I open the tv and all i see is

1- all of the above.

So, pretty much this country is in deep shit, excuse me but its the truth, the solution to this mess is pretty much easy, we already got the appropriate laws to stop this madness, we just need to enforce it.

Ofcourse malek amal they do it, so farfesh farfesh because soon we will be crying..

Thanks and goodluck

Ps: I don't know if anyone still comes here but if you are then give me five :)
Pss: If you have an iphone 4 and selling please comment. oh, and i already had the required surgery to hold it :) 


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