Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Matched the type of the woman that I want to share my life with, went ahead, and prayed for Allah blessings.

They asked about me, liked me, and gave us the green light to propose, I checked again to make sure that she matches exactly what I wanted, she did, great. I proposed, I saw her, educated with a very high GPA and seeking a masters degree and also cute, I thought I just found the girl that I really want to spend my life with, 2 days later I found out the girl is hesitant to take such a step without making sure everything is alright, everyone would be hesitant when it comes to marriage, its normal, she wanted to make sure that some of her demands are accepted by me, being me, I said I won’t screw this up, I’m too mature for such failure. She went ahead and wrote an email containing all of her questions and concerns, being me, I knew she was worried about some things that I approved, because it sounded too good to be true since I come from a strict family when it comes to kuwait’s traditional values, and it sounded to her surreal that I did accept most of her requests with a big smile on my face simply because they were not that big of a deal to me. I saw the questions and smiled, the same questions were asked!, that’s when I knew that she couldn’t just fathom the truth that some men do exist. I answered most of em with some jokes to make her stress fade away, only one request of the zillion requests I received was answered with, No “I explained my reasons and ended the sentence with a smile giving her a hint that her request isn’t something that she should be worried about”.

She received the email… I was taking a nap, woke up to get ready for training, saw my mother on my way out, best ras-ha and she whispered “mabrook”!!! she was too happy for me and that meant a lot. I was expecting her father to call for the melcha, later that day my sister came up to me and told me this:

Sister: she called me?

Me: so?

Sister: she is asking you again to reconsider her “insert stupid request here”.

Me: you serious?

Sister: that’s what she said.

Me: I already said No!!

Sister: I know, she just wants you to reconsider.

Me: 7abeebti, don’t you think I already gave her too much?

Sister: tabi elsara7a? wayed.

Me: listen zain, tell her my answer again, NO.

Sister: Ok.

1 hour later, my sister approached me with a big smile telling me mabrook, she accepted your decision, and her father will call my older brother and arrange for the melcha day. I thought nice, she’s actually paying attention, it was a stupid request anyway but I wanted to send her a message, and that is, I will never say No without mentioning my reasons for it, I will never say No if it can be avoided without serious consequences, and the most important message is that I hate to repeat myself.

Day after, my older brother calls me, I answered:

Me: hala.

Bro: shlonek, tamam?

Me: el7imdella. Ha

Bro: bo flan called,

Me: inshallah ‘7air, “astahbel hehe”

Bro: egool elbint mwafqa,,,,

Me: 3ala ‘7air inshallah.

Bro: bas 3endaha 6alab, ow oho gayeli eni aqne3ek eb 6alabha.

Me: ‘7air inshallah, shno?

Bro: “insert stupid request here”

Me: min sejek?

Bro: ee shfeek?

Me: shno shfeeni, I already said no.

Bro: esma3, ana adri enah 6alab sa’7eef – trying to convince me.

Me: you know I hate to repeat myself, sa7, and you know me more than anyone, that I will never say No unless I have a logic reasons to back it up. Sa7?

Bro: sa7. elmohim oboha egool ra7 yeqne3 benta ow gali a7awel aqne3ek.

Me: bo flan?

Bro: hala.

Me: 6abat nafsi, gool 7ag oboha allah ywafegha ow yaster 3leehom.

Bro: shno??????????????????

Me: I made my decision.

Bro: al7een ayeek elbait.

Me: 7ayak.

She thought she couldn’t convince me to accept her request, why not try to make her father convince my brother to convince me to accept her “insert stupid request here”, which was a very stupid move coming from a highly educated woman such as her, doing that she managed to bring the matter to a complete collapse. That’s when I learned that No matter how highly educated the woman is she still lacks certain abilities to avoid mixing the heart with the brain. She wanted to reserve me and there is no way in hell I would accept being reserved for someone who just can’t accept the decisions I make.

He came home trying to figure out that if I’m being serious or not, ofcourse I am, why would I marry someone who just can’t respect my answer for her stupid request, why would I suffer repeating myself to someone who just can’t get a No for an answer, especially stupid ones. I said No.

I told him to call her father and tell him his daughter needs not to worry anymore, I respect her but I can’t approve such request, and I wish her a happy life. He called her father and told him exactly what I said.

Brother: bo flan shlonek, mash’3ool?

Bo flan: hala wallah la abd salamtek, ha sh9ar weyak?

Brother: madri shagolek laken elwalad mo ra’9i 3ala 6alabha, ow allah ywafegha inshallah ow e7na netmanalakom kel khair ow…..

Bo flan: eee e e, “stuttering” ana walla meste7i menek min ams kent bkalmek 3ala mawthoo3 elbint enha mo mwafqa ow ‘7alas ma tabi.. "o sharaf omek!!"

Brother: ee wala ehemek,,

Bo flan: ee “stuttering” om elbint tgool elwalad mo mwafeq 3ala her job ow ma 9ar n9eeb. <--- WTF I never said that, truth be told, I sat with the girl and her mother and I assured them that its absolutely fine.. but I figured later why her father lied about that.

Brother: < style=""> ee wala ehemek, netmanalkom kel ‘7air inshallah. Ma3 elsalamah.

Bo flan: ma3a elsalmah

If I were her father I would be pissed that my daughter is being rejected, that’s why he came up with that pathetic maneuver to save their face and not fathom the truth that their daughter got rejected by me and not the other way around. Talk about fucked up mentality.

Educated?? Scratch that from my list, abi wa7da omeya :), they are all the same.

P.S: if only I can tell you the stupid request she made, some of you may say it’s a stupid request anyway, why you didn’t say yes? Because ,,,,,,,, ahh I can’t even describe it hehe.