Friday, March 20, 2009

Divide and rule

Through my entire life I do my best to avoid the stupid and the asshole, on the highway or walking, and even those in cyberworld, this special world of ours, bas egoolek elnas ma ‘7aleek eb 7alek, I belong to hmm, lets call it a facility and this facility holds us all 30 something people, I have good relation with each one of em and even those who joined later on I managed to make them my good friends, I am good on how to break the ice and jumping all sorts boundaries, I joined this facility way before the 30 something people, so that makes me through their eyes the one who they lookup to whenever they encounter a problem, we don’t work here for free, we get paid. Until last year everything was perfect and those people who manages this facility and pay us was doing their best to keep us doing hat we do best, recently, new people came to run this facility by the stupid thing we have in here which we call elections, at first things were perfect until recently they discovered that us as a group of people according to them are dangerously in good relations with each other which makes us immune to any act of tyranny being performed against us, and since those pricks are bunch of crooks and the only thing they care about is money and how to fucking steal it and build their own mansions with it, they are now lusting after our own paychecks, cutting stupid amount of money for the stupidest reason ever, but their trick is, we will deposit your full salary in your bank account and instead of cutting for example 200 KDs we will settle for 100 KD, but hey you will have to withdraw that amount and bring to us in person, stupid sa7? The amounts I gave in this example are pretty much nothing to what they are asking, talk about 800 KD and from some people they ask for 1100 KD, now to tell you the truth they never asked me for any of my money, but I already know why they didn’t do that, they want me to shut my mouth and never ask them about it and why theyre doing it. I love my friends so I stood up for them, and asked the managers to play fair with all of us and deposit the money in each one of our bank accounts based on our statistics and never ask any member to withdraw money from his own account and give to them in person. For a month we were pretty much intact and stood our grounds but I never thought they would be that insane to implement a new tactic in their plan in order to rip us all. Divide and rule, and to be honest they actually managed to pull it off, sleazy bastards. Each fucking member gets his own treatment according to their own statistics, the manager’s I mean, some get fucked up and some get the golden cash, they even went further and divided us ethnically, religiously, culturally. It was too much to handle, don’t ask why don’t you report it a higher authority to take care of them? They are all bunch of crooks…


Blogger Bloggerista said...

hmmm ma fahamt the dream bit, wanna elaborate?

Mar 21, 2009, 12:51:00 AM  
Blogger Tiger said...


never mind, i was delusional.

Mar 21, 2009, 1:52:00 AM  

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