Friday, June 26, 2009

QualityNet, Shame On You!! bunch of crooks

long time but here again just to tell you about something i discovered lately.

Qualitynet is saving money and bandwidth at your expenses, Not only i found them capping my browsing/http/ftp activities but several other people did, the reason behind coming up with the dirtiest move ever is that most of us use torrents, if they find you torrenting more than the average they will cap your other activities, such as http/ftp downloads to save bandwidth, they thought you wouldn't notice the difference, because your torrents gets full downloading speed and to the average user it will make him wonder "hmmm, maybe the website i am on is slow because its overloaded or broken or something else because my torrents download is at full speed" maybe!! but its not going to be overloaded for an entire week, its not cheapserversdotwhatever.

If you noticed lately that your torrents are working fine and your http/ftp downloading activities are slow, call them, they will fix it and if you ask them why? they will come up with the stupidest answer ever.

You Paid for it, claim it.


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ditto hehe

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