Sunday, July 05, 2009

Auto-Tune? Who wanna be a singer?

most people will tell you that enhanced images using Photoshop looks good and all but its all fake, fake portraits are cheap. ya3ni someone proposes to a girl based on a picture which was heavily modified in PS is just fucked up, use PS to fix the lighting or the composition, but don't use it to puff up your lips or fix your broken nose, ya3ni please we already have the plastic surgery doubts to worry about, now fake images?

ok, now PS is being used to enhance images, sometimes not only enhance but a complete makeover, how about the voice? well, a tool called Auto-Tune will make your voice really perfect. You know people tones vary from one to another but there is always a perfect line that most people can't have, Auto-Tune is the tool for you to achieve the perfect tone, la, with effects ba3ad, ya3ni prepare yourself to hear plenty of Auto-Tuned wannabe singers, like Mesh3al elshaye3 hehe, btw, hatha shfeeh? mo 9a7i? ya3ni 3leeh min allah '9lal? kil ma ya'7tem eb his million shows he say, Bayan ge63a madri cham? laish? mo kafi mlawe3 chabdna 6ale3 eb kil mokan? TV,Radio, Janjefa, mo bagi ela afta7 el7anafeya alagi Mesh3al elshaye3 6ale3 menha, tekfa '7alas ya 2demi stick to one thing, ya mothe3 ya momathel ya mo'3ani, tabi my advice? NONE, la2anah you suck in every category.

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