Thursday, January 29, 2009


Foot rub all you want, you ain't getting it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life reform

For those who think making fun of people is entertaining and joyful, if you disagree with someone’s opinion about anything and need to write about it, think about it first and write with a decent amount of respect to the one you criticizing, because cursing and making fun of people just shows the reader what an idiot you are.

For those who engage in a silly responses towards each other in the comments section of someone else’s blog, get a life you fucking morons, this is not an interactive process, please understand this.

For those who made fun of people dying and suffering in Gaza during the conflict with Israel by writing in their blog spewing profanity and cursing and wishing for the destruction of the state of Palestine, I already know the reason behind that but that doesn’t give you the right to wish harm to people in a middle of such crisis, that was awful and absolutely disrespectful to any human being, either you say something good about it or keep the profanity to yourself, no one need it.

To all of the above, switch off your computer for a while, go meet new people, have fun, life is too short to spend it infront of your computer. And remember not everything you can do in cyberspace is doable in real life.

Thanks to the people who sent an email or fb msgs regarding the death of my brother, it meant alot to me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


1- Telling someone tragic news is sure not something you can do without suffering the consequences, and if that someone is your mother, it can’t get any more serious than that, its just sad.

2- The emails I get about Gaza are sickening, the more sick I get the more I hate ma7mood 3abas the puppet.

3- I finished my exams, the tension surrounding the exams was too much to handle, especially the death of my brother 2 weeks ago.


Thank you for being who you are, my tears, the grief, the sadness, the look on my mother’s face and my family won’t bring you back, but know this brother, we miss you, you’ll always be in my heart just like when you were alive. Bless you.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2al help 2al

1- Why would you ask someone to do something you think is right while infact you do the opposite?

2- If you have something nice to say then go ahead, otherwise shut the hell up.

3- A doctor who’s tutoring us during this course in the uni is being a jackass, he teaches us a programming language yet he’s afraid from my stupid usb flash memory if I ask him to transfer a doc to it, he goes crazy, like are you trying to hack my laptop? Do you have some kind of data hacking app installed so you can steal the proposed exams? NO asshole I don’t just give me the god damn doc you old geezer.

4- Touching hands and gazing into someones eyes are all it takes to know how the person feels towards you, and hell no I am not talking about my male friends, not that I have female friends but you get the picture, if not, then I’ll lend you some of my male friends, hell I’ll hook u up with the doctor if you want.

5- The idea of our online University forums is for students to ask each other questions and to get help whenever needed, bas the idea seems to differ according to their preferences, I mean the students, if a girl asks the question she gets 10+ answers, some of em are willing to do her homework and some of em writes his email and asks her to contact him, but if I ask the question no one answers? Wtf guys, do I need a pussy to get your perverted attention wila shno? I’ll buy you an artificial one bas answer my question please. Refer to the picture above and if you don’t get it, my situation is similar to the guy under the car, no one cares about him hehe.