Thursday, February 19, 2009


Update: I had a problem with the comments, some of them didn't appear, vanished, but i fixed it now. Sorry

i painted this last night, had fun, bas mo fun fun, elfun eli fee pain shway hehe


btw, elmen suck ow men assholes ow men zbala ow swalef thanyah being repeated frequently lately, shesalfah, kel elgirls are being dumped halayam? can we all get along and call it a year off, seriously ya3ni tara ana za3alt ow etaqo shar el7aleem etha 6angar, ma y9eer hal7achi e7na nas kbaar ;p “shraykom bel2sloob”

ya3ni i am thinking of opening ma7al, “men 3ala mazajech” bas la tz3loon, min lena ‘3airkom e6aferna? min lena ‘3airkom ekarehna eb 7ayatna? hehe, ya3ni if we suck ow yuck ow duck ba3ad, ento shno? angels? a’7af angels bas? yalla 3afya 7abebati ‘7loona nensa eli 9ar ow nefta7 9af7a ydeda 3ashan nkoon ‘7oosh friends hehe.

btw, remember the internet is a cyberspace, you can be anyone you want, tabi tkoon superman, tabi batman, tabi banghaliman, ow you can be a banana ow u can be a strawberry ow u can be filfil, ow ham you can be yourself, its up to you, nam 3ala eljanb eli eray7ek ya ba3ad 3omri ent.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

elbanghali dude, 7el 3ani tekfa :(

i have this banghali guy who works in the same place i work for, '7oosh walad bas ba6ni ba6, he always greets me with warm salam and serve me with '7oosh gahwa ow swalef, bas after that he turns to be a pain in the ass, lama ya36eeni shai ow agoolah mashkoor he goes like enta nafar wajed zain, enta mo nafs kuwaiti kolo, kuwaiti ma ygool mashkoor, at that moment i would be nodding my head and saying la fi kuwaiti zain bas ethaher you only encounters assholes fa allah e3eenek. At the same time i would be watching elborsa anxiously hoping for a good day bas el7abeeb keeps nagging 3ala obo eli '7alafni and helplessly complaining that he's lonely ow stuff and since i am still a nice guy i just keeps nodding my head eli min kether elnodding 9ert cheni hedhed giving him an indication that i feel his pain, BUT DOES HE FEELS MINE, i am being raped belborsa on a daily basis i bled out and i am on the verge of of going loco bas he still doesn't understand that, laish? ow sharaf omek laish? madri, and everyday he mentions how lonely he is he brings up the women subject, baba ana yabi aroosa, ana mafi noom belail? ana shako? shno hal me7na eli shaga oma hatha, shagni shag hal far'7, karahni eldawam hal3ar9. mno gal lek etha i care if you fucking slept ow mmet "died" last night, do i look like someone who gives a rats ass about your day? NO, FUCKING NO, N OW O. bas el79aan mo ra'9i yefham. Eman Najm on TV, el7abeeb goes allah helwa? LA MO HELWA, wali 3an 3arthi ya shagool!!!

one time he was so excited to see me that he pinched my cheeks and kissed his hand, ok al7een either he thinks i am gay or that is his thing of saying i like u, either way its creepy, and since then i decided to give him hell, 9ert achek eb 3omri min halbanghali elmam7oon.

ok, guys holding hands ow yamshoon bel malls? what the fuck? i've seen guys m'3atreen ow metshabkeen, shno hatha? ra3o masha3erna, lawa3to chbodna ya shabab.

Moral of the story

"elbanghali ma yen3a6a wayh, walla"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Hate Valentine Day?

Lets face it, you are here because:

1- you are being left out during this day?

2- You don’t care about this day or worse, you hate it

3- You are here because youre engaged in a relationship with an asshole.

4- Or worse, which is, you know me!

I don’t care about this day “unless you give me a teddy bear or a heart symbol” because I think that vday should be an everyday feeling that you must carry out and express during your love relation, if you are in need for a vday to feel loved, ditch the prick he/she isn’t worth it, it’s just a teddy bear, go buy one from sultan center and feel loved, get it on with the teddy bear and masturbate to it, who cares? “I care, don’t do it ma3a elteddy, because it can be as mean as the asshole youre engaged to” hehe

Elyoom feeni 7arrah 3ala elteddy bear, anyway laish teddy bear? ya’7i shaklah qabee7, laish mo cat? Laish mo turtle? Wai3 shno turtle? Eli byebli turtle baabe6 rasah bl-turtle. Because I have two big ones bel7adeeqa and whenever I sneak a peak those bastards are getting it on, like everytime, mako wagt 3endhom ‘3air enah elnathya bends over ow elthekar mba6el 7aljah ow ga3ed fogha, they turns me on hahahahaha, I just imagined that, and its weird hehe. It seems they are having their vday every second? Oops did I just imply that vday means that youre getting laid tonight? It seems that I did, and not only once but many hehe. Oops I so wanna be involved :).

I already got my vday gift from my boring friends belnadi, I have a bruising red eye caused min wa7ed ahbal shat elkoorah eb wayhi, doesn’t he know that today is a vday and I can’t be injured during it? He knows l2ani I’ll spend it beldewania facing his and their ugly faces, so he discharged his anger of being left out today on me while I’ll discharge mine on him today, a3lmek ya 79aan.

Shabab, banat, yal7abeebah yer7am om yabatkom la talbsoon a7mar elyoom tara walla halaga, ow latgolon hatha hater because he’s not going to enjoy this day as much as you do, l2anah red bhalyoom ya3ni you tabeen thoor ow ent tabi thooorah, fee shai esmah thoorah? Ya3ni elsalfah kelaha thwara eb thwara lol.

Lala 9ej 3ad, I’ll be serious ‘7alas. Before you celebrate this day think about those who died during this day, they need your prayers, ‘7alas cancel your plans ow stay home 3ashanhom :( “can I come over to pray with you? hehe

“shakoooooo” lol

“Valentine day sucks big time” bite me.

My Vday gift goes to ………………….

and my gift to you ya ba3ad 3omri walla :) ......

UPDATE: I just checked safat and some blogs here and there, shesalfah??? everyone is single, either ohma chathabeen wila tara elwath3 '7a6eer ow lazem nesta7deth wezarah esemha wezarat el7ob ow ana wazerha hehe,, la mo 9ej eli 9ayer, ana a6la3 romeo 3ala most of the bloggers, ksarto '7a6ri '7alas, girls line up yakom cupid :p

UPDATE2: al7een cupid 7awal wela yestahbel? wila out of reach? wila out of service? laish his arrows miss halmsakeen? " ya3ni mo ana hehe" seriously yemken cupid yabeelah was6a ba3ad, ya3ni mno nyeebla 3ashan his damn arrows dont miss? wila a'7af yabela new 7afathat "Diapers"? pampers for example?