Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Old Dude, Bo Sha**.

So I went to this Dr office in uni yesterday, then I asked him about a colleague of his then he answered politely "he isn’t here", then I asked him about his phone number or email address, it seemed when I asked that question that I just raped his mother or worse raped him that fucking filthy pig, he went crazy on me although he was careful but I sensed his anger and I kinda figured that either he was on fucking crack or this fat pig has big issues back home where his wife beats the hell outta him and unleash him back to the real world. While he was talking I couldn’t even keep up with him, he was talking fast, I whispered, damnnnnnn!! this old geezer is really crazy, and I was smiling through the whole process, maybe that was uncool and wasn’t the best gesture anyone could give to an old angry dude, then I heard the only word that I couldn’t fathom, "ma3rafshi howa fain, yemekn 2a3ed besho’7?" Chaaaaaan agool shnooooooooooo? What?? Then I told him, 3aib shno hal7achi ya Dr and I was about to burst into one loud laughter, because he was sweating ow swalif, then he answered , 3aib? Eh ? laih? Besho’7 di kelmah mo2adaba? Kilmah 3arabiya mawgooda belmo3gam?? Hnee ana ba6eetha the7k eb wayha sara7a, I couldn’t hold it so did my friend, el3an ‘7ayrah ‘7alaha kilmah mo2adaba ow mawjooda belmo3jam mal omah eli yabeta, ow ‘7air ya3ni, even if it does exist in your dictionary, karem elsame3, shno esho’7 ya bo sha’7aaaaaaaaaa, hehehe, I kept on laughing and then we departed his office with the loudest laughter ever, he followed us, still trying to explain his colleague absence, that old bastard was fun to watch, he made my day sara7ah, hehehe.

I'm like the ringleader
I call the shots
I'm like a fire cracker
I make it hot
when I put on a show

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
better be ready, hope that ya feel the same

eli ketab ow waza3 this song, ma yeste7i 3ala wayha lol, 3ashan chethi I am traveling, gotta have some fun some where hehe with lots of sins kaak, llaa just kidding. Ciaaaaaaaaaaao, ow 3ash bo sha’7a ow tkrmoon jamee3an my friends hehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Divide and rule. C

About my last post I wanna say this

Its pretty much fucked up in Kuwait, ya3ni we have all kinds of corrupted organizations, they don’t have time to take a rest or enah yakseboon little bit of 7asanat, the only thing they think about is how to become rich the fastest way, so they can become one of the elite, sadly though the elite is the same people who encourage such acts, ya3ni right or left e7na mashgoogeen mashgoogeen. What makes me really sad is those people are minority and the good ones are the majority bas we sit and watch and sometimes we enjoy watching, kil wa7ed mashie eb 7ala and that’s why they keep doing it, I can kick the manager’s ass but what good it will do to prevent him from doing what he does best? None, elchalb 6ool 3omrah chalb, ow yekram elchalb 3anhom, halashkal mal ta3theeb awal, ma yenfa3 lehom ela el’7azoo2 mo elmsri laaa el’7azoo2 elturky. i decided to drop off and let them yakloon ba3ath, i don't belong to that shity place, it used to be a nice place before bas not anymore.

I am pissed off min wayed things so I guess I have to go out now hehe. ciao

Divide and rule

Through my entire life I do my best to avoid the stupid and the asshole, on the highway or walking, and even those in cyberworld, this special world of ours, bas egoolek elnas ma ‘7aleek eb 7alek, I belong to hmm, lets call it a facility and this facility holds us all 30 something people, I have good relation with each one of em and even those who joined later on I managed to make them my good friends, I am good on how to break the ice and jumping all sorts boundaries, I joined this facility way before the 30 something people, so that makes me through their eyes the one who they lookup to whenever they encounter a problem, we don’t work here for free, we get paid. Until last year everything was perfect and those people who manages this facility and pay us was doing their best to keep us doing hat we do best, recently, new people came to run this facility by the stupid thing we have in here which we call elections, at first things were perfect until recently they discovered that us as a group of people according to them are dangerously in good relations with each other which makes us immune to any act of tyranny being performed against us, and since those pricks are bunch of crooks and the only thing they care about is money and how to fucking steal it and build their own mansions with it, they are now lusting after our own paychecks, cutting stupid amount of money for the stupidest reason ever, but their trick is, we will deposit your full salary in your bank account and instead of cutting for example 200 KDs we will settle for 100 KD, but hey you will have to withdraw that amount and bring to us in person, stupid sa7? The amounts I gave in this example are pretty much nothing to what they are asking, talk about 800 KD and from some people they ask for 1100 KD, now to tell you the truth they never asked me for any of my money, but I already know why they didn’t do that, they want me to shut my mouth and never ask them about it and why theyre doing it. I love my friends so I stood up for them, and asked the managers to play fair with all of us and deposit the money in each one of our bank accounts based on our statistics and never ask any member to withdraw money from his own account and give to them in person. For a month we were pretty much intact and stood our grounds but I never thought they would be that insane to implement a new tactic in their plan in order to rip us all. Divide and rule, and to be honest they actually managed to pull it off, sleazy bastards. Each fucking member gets his own treatment according to their own statistics, the manager’s I mean, some get fucked up and some get the golden cash, they even went further and divided us ethnically, religiously, culturally. It was too much to handle, don’t ask why don’t you report it a higher authority to take care of them? They are all bunch of crooks…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When do some people understand when you say no it’s a no there is no need to call the entire tribe to make me change my mind, I said no because I meant it not because I have a hidden agenda or whatever you think it is. No in my dictionary means you can’t discuss it anymore, ‘7alas, drop it, I wont feel sorry for you and change my mind because of some stupid made up story, believe me I am smarter than you in so many ways, if I want to know something I’d know it without asking you about it. My phone rang for an entire week non stop with new numbers all asking me to soften up ow ‘7al elsalfa tamshi, now that’s what I call constant nagging that will never ever ever make me change my mind.

Speaking of asking people and be all naggy like some people do, not to say its rude or unacceptable according to some people because they think it’s a natural thing to do and its ok if they get rejected once or twice or even dozen times. To me, fuck no, I would never ask for something I want, even if I want it badly enough and that person is willing to give it up if i simply ask, I would never ask, I just want to avoid the worst case scenario, which is in this case, rejection or some sort of stupid excuse, I would feel humiliated and insulted, and that’s why we call some people “wayha ma’3sool eb marag” and that’s why I would never ask for anything that I want and is out of my reach. You have no idea how sometimes I feel the urge to ask for it but damn it I am so in control of that thing and sometimes I hate it. I can imagine now how many things that I really wanted and possibly could’ve had if i just asked.

Its boring at work, sometimes people come here 3ashan e’7alsoon mo3amalthom and while doing so they vent their guts out, I mean seriously some people are pretty much fucked up, they tell you their life story in a matter of minutes, no discretion whatsoever, I understand sometimes you feel the need to talk to someone else to release the pressure, bas not anyone ya 7abebi, I could be a serial killer, or some psychopath who will end up ruining your entire “already” fucked up life, ya3ni talk to me about coffee or even a hot chick you saw on tv or even confess to me that youre gay, bas don’t discuss with me how your wife or your husband treats you, and how the kids are making a mess in your home, because I don’t care, I have problems of my own and I am not your stupid psychiatrist.

I understand youre confused, so am I. bas the feeling is just amazing and i am not willing to let go of that. I know how you feel right now, and I am sorry if its bothering you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

google it

dude, google it?

ohh, sh*t!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

6ala3na Italians hehe

after seeing this, i think we have italian roots, pheeew

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