Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Matched the type of the woman that I want to share my life with, went ahead, and prayed for Allah blessings.

They asked about me, liked me, and gave us the green light to propose, I checked again to make sure that she matches exactly what I wanted, she did, great. I proposed, I saw her, educated with a very high GPA and seeking a masters degree and also cute, I thought I just found the girl that I really want to spend my life with, 2 days later I found out the girl is hesitant to take such a step without making sure everything is alright, everyone would be hesitant when it comes to marriage, its normal, she wanted to make sure that some of her demands are accepted by me, being me, I said I won’t screw this up, I’m too mature for such failure. She went ahead and wrote an email containing all of her questions and concerns, being me, I knew she was worried about some things that I approved, because it sounded too good to be true since I come from a strict family when it comes to kuwait’s traditional values, and it sounded to her surreal that I did accept most of her requests with a big smile on my face simply because they were not that big of a deal to me. I saw the questions and smiled, the same questions were asked!, that’s when I knew that she couldn’t just fathom the truth that some men do exist. I answered most of em with some jokes to make her stress fade away, only one request of the zillion requests I received was answered with, No “I explained my reasons and ended the sentence with a smile giving her a hint that her request isn’t something that she should be worried about”.

She received the email… I was taking a nap, woke up to get ready for training, saw my mother on my way out, best ras-ha and she whispered “mabrook”!!! she was too happy for me and that meant a lot. I was expecting her father to call for the melcha, later that day my sister came up to me and told me this:

Sister: she called me?

Me: so?

Sister: she is asking you again to reconsider her “insert stupid request here”.

Me: you serious?

Sister: that’s what she said.

Me: I already said No!!

Sister: I know, she just wants you to reconsider.

Me: 7abeebti, don’t you think I already gave her too much?

Sister: tabi elsara7a? wayed.

Me: listen zain, tell her my answer again, NO.

Sister: Ok.

1 hour later, my sister approached me with a big smile telling me mabrook, she accepted your decision, and her father will call my older brother and arrange for the melcha day. I thought nice, she’s actually paying attention, it was a stupid request anyway but I wanted to send her a message, and that is, I will never say No without mentioning my reasons for it, I will never say No if it can be avoided without serious consequences, and the most important message is that I hate to repeat myself.

Day after, my older brother calls me, I answered:

Me: hala.

Bro: shlonek, tamam?

Me: el7imdella. Ha

Bro: bo flan called,

Me: inshallah ‘7air, “astahbel hehe”

Bro: egool elbint mwafqa,,,,

Me: 3ala ‘7air inshallah.

Bro: bas 3endaha 6alab, ow oho gayeli eni aqne3ek eb 6alabha.

Me: ‘7air inshallah, shno?

Bro: “insert stupid request here”

Me: min sejek?

Bro: ee shfeek?

Me: shno shfeeni, I already said no.

Bro: esma3, ana adri enah 6alab sa’7eef – trying to convince me.

Me: you know I hate to repeat myself, sa7, and you know me more than anyone, that I will never say No unless I have a logic reasons to back it up. Sa7?

Bro: sa7. elmohim oboha egool ra7 yeqne3 benta ow gali a7awel aqne3ek.

Me: bo flan?

Bro: hala.

Me: 6abat nafsi, gool 7ag oboha allah ywafegha ow yaster 3leehom.

Bro: shno??????????????????

Me: I made my decision.

Bro: al7een ayeek elbait.

Me: 7ayak.

She thought she couldn’t convince me to accept her request, why not try to make her father convince my brother to convince me to accept her “insert stupid request here”, which was a very stupid move coming from a highly educated woman such as her, doing that she managed to bring the matter to a complete collapse. That’s when I learned that No matter how highly educated the woman is she still lacks certain abilities to avoid mixing the heart with the brain. She wanted to reserve me and there is no way in hell I would accept being reserved for someone who just can’t accept the decisions I make.

He came home trying to figure out that if I’m being serious or not, ofcourse I am, why would I marry someone who just can’t respect my answer for her stupid request, why would I suffer repeating myself to someone who just can’t get a No for an answer, especially stupid ones. I said No.

I told him to call her father and tell him his daughter needs not to worry anymore, I respect her but I can’t approve such request, and I wish her a happy life. He called her father and told him exactly what I said.

Brother: bo flan shlonek, mash’3ool?

Bo flan: hala wallah la abd salamtek, ha sh9ar weyak?

Brother: madri shagolek laken elwalad mo ra’9i 3ala 6alabha, ow allah ywafegha inshallah ow e7na netmanalakom kel khair ow…..

Bo flan: eee e e, “stuttering” ana walla meste7i menek min ams kent bkalmek 3ala mawthoo3 elbint enha mo mwafqa ow ‘7alas ma tabi.. "o sharaf omek!!"

Brother: ee wala ehemek,,

Bo flan: ee “stuttering” om elbint tgool elwalad mo mwafeq 3ala her job ow ma 9ar n9eeb. <--- WTF I never said that, truth be told, I sat with the girl and her mother and I assured them that its absolutely fine.. but I figured later why her father lied about that.

Brother: < style=""> ee wala ehemek, netmanalkom kel ‘7air inshallah. Ma3 elsalamah.

Bo flan: ma3a elsalmah

If I were her father I would be pissed that my daughter is being rejected, that’s why he came up with that pathetic maneuver to save their face and not fathom the truth that their daughter got rejected by me and not the other way around. Talk about fucked up mentality.

Educated?? Scratch that from my list, abi wa7da omeya :), they are all the same.

P.S: if only I can tell you the stupid request she made, some of you may say it’s a stupid request anyway, why you didn’t say yes? Because ,,,,,,,, ahh I can’t even describe it hehe.


Strange Lions filmed!! and a tag.

tagged by chika

What is your favorite quotable line from a Movie?
Take caution in your tone, Commander. I'm a fair guy, but this fucking heat is making me absolutely crazy. "a few good men"

Who is the most famous person you have spoken to?
Giuseppe Giannini, offered me a beer lol "i didn't drink it, hell i didn't even know what it is"

How many bags/boxes of Potato Chips are consumed at your place in a month?
one, maybe none ba3ad

Who is your all time favorite Cartoon Character?

What foreign food dish do you prepare from scratch and serve?
you reached the wrong person

What is your favorite section of the Supermarket?

What was your high school teams mascot and what were the school’s colors?
mdares 7kooma mako halswalef, 6rg elserwal lol

i tag all of you who feels like doing the tag.

No this was shot on a safari trip, captured a real strange behavior in the wild.

Strange Lions Filmed on Safari - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Boy: Grandpa, what are you reading??
Grandpa: A history book.
Boy: But that’s a sex book
Grandpa: I know, that’s history to me….

if you take that joke and apply it to many things we have lost during the past years, you'd be amazed at how many things are history to us.

Monday, July 21, 2008


mo '7oosh title bas shasawi hehe, took this in the morning while at the gas station.

today was pretty much airless, went for a training and it turned out to be an intense one, was a stupid move as i knew it would be an intense training but i didn't miss it. soaked up, its not disgusting is it? hehe

this my friends is a map of our area in fahaheel, it took me around half an hour to reach my home considering that my training was pretty much close to our area, i have no idea when will this chaos stop with people being in the souk for every god damn day, bas i have to live with it, maybe get a bike or something hehe

update: Bosnia war crime suspect Karadzic arrested,, since ever i watched the documentry about the Srebrenica massacre and the killing of 8000 Muslims in a football field i wanted this prick to be arrested, now that he's been captured, i suggest they hand him over to the Bosnians.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's wrong with women?

Nowadays it seems like ladies in the blogsphere especially here in Kuwait are having a tough time figuring out why some men have a kind of hostile attitude towards them. Some posts have certain comments about men which was written by some angry ladies with inappropriate words towards men in general, some of em are funny and i personally enjoyed reading those comments. I know for sure that incompetent men do exist, so i took it upon myself to find out the reason of why such women suffer tremendously when dealing with men. I started thinking and thinking of an answer to my question which is "What's wrong with men?", and i finally found it, google knows everything so it must be the perfect tool to use to find the answer to my question.

opened my browser and went to the google search engine, In the search box i typed

"Whats wrong with men?"

here is the result

And my quest ended.

To the ladies with angry comments: sue google for sexism.

P.S: don't take it seriously, its just a joke hehe, oh btw the page isn't real i edited the page using photoshop.

pss: The title should've been "Whats wrong with men?" but that sounded gay to me so i went with the women one hehe.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life Through Years

From 17 to my early 20s, I admit that I was an incompetent human being, barely human as I would describe myself from my current age point of view. I didn’t take things seriously, always rushing things without thinking about the consequences, I screwed up big time in many things, I thought the world revolves around me and me only, hyper active, if I feel your hostility towards me from a mile away I would come over and start a stupid fight. When I became 26 I started to get a bit soft on many things that I once thought are hard to accept, I noticed that I’m growing up and I ‘m not a kid anymore.

Now I’m 30 years old. I learned many things;

1- I can actually say something cheerful and useful to someone in need.

2- Everything counts.

3- I’m always smiling. I rarely smiled when I was younger, what a waste.

4- I make friends faster. Thanks to 3.

5- I don’t surf the internet 20 hrs a day like I used to, I have a life. Long time ago I used to stay in my room all day long and don’t get out of it because of the internet, missing breakfast, lunch, dinner, family and friends as a result. Again, what a waste.

6- Thinking before speaking, more than once.

This conversation took place last night between me and my older brother.

Brother: Allah y3eenek li tzawajt.

Me: allah yaster, laish ya‘7oy?

Brother: t3rfni gabl la atzawaj kent 6ag eldenya bel6ofa a3otho bellah, bas ya’7i min tzawajt 7sait 7ayati t’3ayart 180 draja.

Me: min ay na7ya?

Brother: gabl wallah wala yhemni 7ali wala 7al ‘3airi, ma kan ehemni a7ad kethir oboy ow omi, mo 3an shai, bas ‘7oof menhom ow ham 3leehom haha.

Me: sheli t’3ayar al7een?

Brother: al7een? Lama tzawajt 7seet 3endi marah lazem adareha, gemt a7ati roo7i 3ashanha, lama yooni 3yal ‘7eft zeyada 3ala nafsi, la2anah malhom ‘3airi.

Me: qasdek eldenya al7een ehi eli 6agetek bel6ofa.

Brother: tegdar tgool chethi :).

Me: zain ela3rath elense7abeya min single lai married inshallah hayna 3ad hehe.

Brother: gelnallek Allah y3eenek.

O’7oy hatha kan agshar, ma tanzel elthbana 3ala ‘7ashmah hehe..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Canon Macro Lens and some doodles

excuse me, i was bored and i drew some figures shown below, forcing gestures.

if you find these offensive, I'm truly sorry.

Now to the canon lens, i have this macro lens "Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras" that i purchased two weeks ago, used it only once and i just don't need it anymore, i purchased its hood too, my selling price is 125 KD nonnegotiable "is that correct", if you're serious about buying it email me at thebojan at gmail dot com.

PS. I removed three drawings out of respect to those who feels nudity in drawings are offensive, and they were the most serious ones lol, sorry !

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Things my future wife must have:

1- Trustworthy.
2- Extreme overweight is a no no (with all do respect to those who are, just trying to avoid the hassle of the diet thing).
3- Mature.
4- Met7ajba.
5- Educated.
6- Not asking for a beautiful girl, the beautiful features will just fade away within years, an ordinary looking girl with a big heart will do just as good if not better.

Things I wish my future wife would have:

1- Not suspicious. I’m not that type of a guy, seriously.
2- Creative.
3- Beautiful smile that I can gaze into for a long time and thank Allah for such thing.
4- Hyper active.
5- A really good cook. That’s a long shot I know :(
6- Fit.
7- Solve riddles because I can’t.
8- Funny.

Things I would give my future wife:

1- The remote control.
2- My heart.
3- My love.
4- My life.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

To a better Cage

I made my decision, i think its time wala ra7 tro7 3alai :).. 30years old '7alas

I am now in a quest to find my future wife, brigades dispatched , so am i..

I wont change elnasheed ela lama amalech, n6rooni 3ad.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Film Hindi Kuwaiti

Please tell me this is a joke and they were not serious about taking these action shots of a hostage situation, the hostage is supposed to be the tallest guy with the blue pjs and the criminal is the shortest one with the white shirt.

these were actually published in one of our local newspapers, any ideas which one cause i really couldn't find it, and i received those by email from by Red Ben.

update: Those shots were published by alrai newspaper about 3 weeks ago. Not surprised!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pissed Off Groom

A story i found when i was searching through my backup stuff, funny, enjoy it .

ليلة الدخلة .. ياهي ليلة عيد من جد
لا هيئة (الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر) ولا قلت حيا ولا خوف و لا بطيخ

طبعا ً الناس تختلف عاداتهم .. من ديره لـ ديره
اللي يلبسون كرفتات .. واللي يلبسون طرابيش .. واللي يلبسون ( ثياب )

انا ابي اسولف عن اهل الخليج .. وبتحديد السعودية .. وبتحديد سيرلنكا خخخ
اقصد منطقتنا

طبعا ً قبل العرس لازم تنسق مع اهل العروس سعر المهر.
وعندنا المهر مو ثابت .. يعني على حسب البنت
إذا هي شق ( صاروخ ) يطلبون 70000 الف .. وإذا لم تكن كذلك يطلبون من الثلاثين الى 50000 الف
واذا هي مشلوله ب15000 الف

وفي مجتمعنا المحافظ .. يقهرونك قهر ورب الكعبة .. تروح اختك وامك يتفحصون البنت
<< مادري شارين لي موتر مو بنيه .. مو ناقص إلا يطقون فيها فره يجربونها الزبده .. و ترا المسألة على حسب ذوق اختك .. ( وبيني وبينك .. اذا تبي تعرف ذوق اختك افتح دفترها حق المدرسة .. إذا هو مزخرف وحركات وورد وقلت حيا .. يعني ذوقها تمام وإذا تلقى ذكرى ام صيته + ام مزنه + ام ليالي .. وقلب حب مدري شلون هو جاي ..والله اللي رحت فيها ) واختاروا لك بنت .. المفروض بالعقل انك تشوفها .. لأنها شريكة حياتك ( الشرع يقول كذا ) اما حنا لا .. بس يوصفونها لك شعرها كذا .. طولها كذا .. عليها اير باق يعني شي خيالي .. وانت تفكر وتقول بنفسك ( يا الله .. يلعن ام الجمال يا شيخ ) وامك ترفع .. واختك تكبس خخخ .. وعلى هالوصف هذا هيفاء وهبي مو بنت ام فلان وتقعد لك ثلاث شهور .. وانت بس تفكر في البنت .. لين ينتفخ راسك ويجي اليوم اللي تمنيته طول حياتك .. ليلة العمر تلقاك لابس البشت وابوك على يمينك وعمك الكبير على يسارك وخوانك وعيال عمك وعيال خوالك وعيال جيرانكم .. حتى عيال خدامتكم كلهم متجمعين .. واللي يعرض بالسيف ( مسوي لي فيها الزير سالم هو و راسه ) واللي ماسك الرشاش والسما حمرا من الطلق (الطلقات) .. تقول جالس بفيتنام الزبده .. وتخش على صالة الأفراح حقت الحريم .. بصراحة العزوبي ما يخاف الا من شيئين 1 لمبات العرس إذا ركبوها على البيت ( تحس خلاص ما فيه رجعة ) 2 إذا دخلت على صالة الحريم في صالة الأفراح هينا يجينا ( مغص في البطن .. ) ولما تخش الصالة .. الله لا يوريك .. ولما تخش تمشي في الصالة تبي الكوشة .. تسند جسمك على ابوك على شان ما تطيح من هول ما ترى وتجلس على الكرسي تلتقط انفاسك .. وانت من داخل ميت تبي تشوف العروس ولما يطلعون اللي زفوك .. ابوك وعمك والخمه اللي معهم << قوية الخمه يجي عاد الكلام اللي مال امه داعي امك تطب في الملعب ( والمقصود بالملعب هنا " ساحة الرقص " البست يعني ) وتخش خالتك تراقصها .. وشوي تطب مرة عمك .. حتى خدامتكم تخش وتشكشك بالهندي لها ربع ساعة طبعا ً العالم اللي عندك منت صوبهم .. تبي تشوف اللي بجنبك جالسة .. تبي تشوف بسكال مشعلاني وفي هذه الأثناء انت مفهي (دايخ) على الحضور .. وعينك كبر قوطي جبن كرفت تقز في البنات اللي قاعدين عاد البنات الله يقلعهن يستعبطن اللي تطيح الشيله متعمده .. واللي تنزل العبايه شوي وتطلع البلاوي .. واللي ترفع الغشوه (الشيله) يعني تشرب ماء ( الله يرجهن يا هن زاحفات (خبول) ) وبعد نصف ساعة كأنه الدهر بحالوه ==> قلبت زلمه

تنطلق انت وهالغزال للعشة الزوجية
ويدخلونكم الغرفة .. واللي يلولش هينا واللي يزغرت هناك .. واللي يلعب يوقا عند الباب

المهم .. تخش الغرفة وانت لابس البشت << ==يعني شرايك .. وتقول للعروس السلام عليكم وهي اشكل .. ما ترد وتنزل البشت .. وتجي تقعد جنبها ( ايوه ... هينا الكلام ) .... ويوم جلست .. وانا المح طرف كوعها .. ويوم شفت الكوع لا تقولون يالربع .. تقول غاطه كوعها بغرشة (بطل) حبر اسود انا هينا صراحة .. قلبي قام يوجعني .. وقلت بنفسي ( لازم نتأكد إن بعض الظن إثم ) واقول لها يا فلانه .. ولا ترد علي !!؟ يافلانه تعوذي من ابليس .. وقومي وهي تسوي مستحية .. ما تدري انها لو تقول لي ( بععععع ) انحشت مع الباب الزبده .. وانا اسولف معها ما ترد علي .. شاطفتني شطفه (ساحبه علي سحبه) بنت كلب تقول قرد عندها مو زوجها .. قلت بيني وبين نفسي .. ( يا ولد وش السالفة .. لا يكون البنت مغصوبة علي ) عاد انا شهم لأبعد الحدود <<== والله انك نصاب لأبعد الحدود وقلت لها .. يا بنت الناس .. حنا الحين متزوجين .. يعني انتي مرتي بشرع الله ورسوله ما ردت علي , كأني اسولف على جدار وقلت بيني وبين نفسي << يا كثر ما تسولف على نفسك ( تدري شلون .. خلني اضحكها .. انكت استعبط ..ألطف الجو ) والله واجي واقعد جنبها .. واقول فيها بيت شعر .. اتغزل فيها وهي شطف (طاف) .. ولا كأني موجود بالغرفة ! واقوم واخذ القلم واسجل رقم جوالي .. واقطه عليها وقلت لها هذا رقمي ارقمها .. " بكيفي مرتي وبكيفي .. ان شاء الله ارقم ابوها بعد " وهي تبتسم بس ما تكلمت .. ويوم تبسمت جيت وجلست بجنبها ( لزيت (لزقت) فيها شوي ) وقلت لها .. ( معك مباحس امن دولة ) =>>يعني انكت انا وراسي

هينا البنت قالت بقلبها .. ( يا الله المستعان .. زوجي طلع خبل )
واخذ لي ربع ساعة وانا مفهي (رايح ملح) على زولها .. اطالعها من فوق لتحت << تحسون عمره ما شاف خير واقول بنفسي .. ( يا ولد الجسم مسكت ما يحتاج .. بس الوجه .. ابي اشوف الوجه ) والله وانا امسك ايدها .. انا من مسكت اليد وقلبي قام يقول طربق طربق.. .. والبنت قامت تنزل ايدها الثانية شوي شوي وانا استانس بصراحة .. وقلت العن ام الفله وبلمح البصر ! .. تسحب الكعب اللي لابسته .. وترفع اليد .. وتنزل الكعب على راسي مثل الـ B52 يوم تنزل على بغداد .. وانا لي صياح << سجن ابو غريب مو العشة الزوجية .. واروح واوقف عند الباب .. واقعد اطالعها .. مدري وش اسوي إن طلعت برا شافوني اهلي .. ويقولون وش فيه ولدنا لا يكون فضحنا مع البنت وإن جلست في الغرفة .. هذي ما تعطي وجهه .. وقمت افكر و افكر لين طرت على بالي خطة واشوف سويتش اللمبه ( Off .. On ) .. وانا اطفي اللمبه .. واولع اللمبه الحمرا ألمح لها .. والله وتقوم بنت الحلال وتتوجه صوبي انا يوم شفتها جتني تمشي .. خفت والله .. قلت الحين تبي تلعن خيري وتجيك المعزبه .. وتطفي اللمبه الحمرا .. وتولع اللمبه العاديه وانا ماسك يدة الباب ابي انحاش إذا قربت لي <<== امحق رجال وقلت لها .. اقوول ( خلاص بلا عرس وبلا بطيخ .. الحين انا ابي انام .. شلون !؟ ) والله والبنت ساكته .. وانا اقرب شوي شوي .. واسحب المخده ببطء شديد << العن ام الخوف واروح لزاوية الغرفة .. واحط المخده .. .. وألقيها ظهري وانا صاد اطالع الجدار << ما قلت لكم شهم >> أي هين تجيكم السالفة

ويوم خلصت .. ألتفت عليها .. وعلى طول تغشى البنت مستحيه مني
والله وانا اقوم واروح لثلاجة اللي بنفس الغرفة .. وفتحتها
وأشوف انواع الحلاو .. وانواع العصيرات .. ( يا بعد قلبي يا يمه .. هي اللي شاريتها )

واسحب الكتكات .. واقعد اكل من الحلويات لين ارتفع السكر اللي عندي

والبنت تطالعني مستغربة .. انا إذا شفت الحلويات والعصيرات .. افقد الوعي على طول

وحسيت فيها انها تناظر (تطالعني) لي .. وانا اكل من الحلويات .. من كل بستان زهرة على ما قالوا
واجي واحطهم عندها .. واطالعها وابتسم

( طبعا ً الكلام هذا وأنا ما شفت وجهها للحين )

ومدت ايدها شوي شوي .. وأخذت الكتكات .. عاد انا احلا شي عندي الكتكات ><" والله وانا اطالعها بعيوني.. ( ابيها ترجعه وتاخذ شي ثاني ) وهي تسحب علي السيفون .. وتفتح الحلاو و تدخل يدها تحت الطرحة وتاكل وقلت لها .. ادفع نص عمري بس اشوف وجهك قالت بصوت خافت ومبحوح ( صوتها يدوخ ياجماعة الخير ) قالت .. ابي بطاقة سوا انا يوم سمعت البطاقه .. كنك صافقني مخمس (كف) على خشتي (وجهي) وقلت في نفسي .. هلا هلا .. من اولها بطاقه سوا .. شكلها راعية تلفونات المعزبه ><" وقلت .. اجيب لك الثريا .. بس اكشفي هالخشه .. ابي اكحل عيوني واشوف " ابي اوصف لكم الحدث .. كأنكم معي " وتضع يدها على النقاب .. ( وتبدء الكاميرا بالدوران من خلف راسها .. مثل تصوير الافلام ) وانا انظر .. اقصد و يبدأ التصوير بالبطيء .. وانا انظر لها بتلهف وفاتح افمي (فمي) وحين كشفت لي عن وجهها .. قلت ( .............................. ............... ) وهي تبسم وتحرك راسها يمين شمال .. والشعر يثناثر على وجهها وبحركه خطافيه .. اسحب الطفايه اللي جنب السرير واحذفها عليها بسرعة 85 ميل في الساعة لكنها تحاشت الطلقه انا انقهرت .. وقلت .. والله يقلع ا عمر اختي الي جمعتني فيك يا بنت الـ ... طوط طوط والله وانا اطالعها منقهر .. ومتحسف على المهر ( 70000 ألف ) الله لا يخسر واقوم .. واروح واجيب لي خيشه .. واغطي راسها خخخ .. وفتحت في الخيشه فتحه على شان تقدر تتفس واربط الخيشه براسها .. والف عليها سيم ( علاق ملابس ) عاد انا بغيت احلل المهر .. بس تراجعت في للحظه الاخيرة ومن بكره .. وانا ماخذها لبيت اهلها .. وقلت لهم والله للعن ابو D . N . A اللي عليكم مزوجيني مسخ الله لا يبارك فيكم بالله هذي بنت .. لعن ابوكم لو اني ماخذ لي سرلنكيه استر لي من النمس اللي انتوا مزوجيني اياه طلعوا باقي المهر لا اجيب عليكم الشرطة الحين وتقولون هيفاء وهبي بعد .. زكيه زكريا اطلق (أحلى) منها الله لا يربحكم الزبده .. وانا اقط البنت على اهلها .. وارسل لهم ورقة الطلاق

ps: this is just a joke, i happen to believe that most of you are beautiful