Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain's Tounge

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today during a session in the uni with one of the tutors, some kind of an idiot ruined the morning for me, i couldn't be any more angry than i was in the morning, the freak had a question for every god damn bit of information, he nearly talked more than the tutor himself, and in most of those times he managed to look like the stupidest person on the planet.

yesterday at work me and my colleagues were in the boss office for a little meeting, me and my younger friend and a religious man with a fairly long beard ( mulla). the meeting ended and we were talking about different stuff and suddenly elmulla heads to the door to exit the room thats where he popped his head in a sneaky way in order not to make the boss see and gave us a signal to move to our office, i felt that was a bit girly bas ok, we walked out of the boss's office and headed back to our office, i enter the room and i couldn't be more shocked of elmulla holding his cigarrete and asking me for the lighter, FUCK, like i needed more proof that not all mullas are real mullas.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Palm lines

so i went to this website trying to read the lines of my palm, not that i believe its true bas for fun :)

these are:

(1) The heart line.
(2) The head line.
(3) The life line.
(4) The fate line.

we break it point by point where i describe what i see in my palm lines:

** The heart line is

1- long and curvy. (Reading: freely expresses emotions and feelings)
2- smaller lines crossing through heart line. (Reading: emotional trauma)

** The head line is

1- curved, sloping line. (Reading: creativity)
2- separated from life line. (Reading: adventure, enthusiasm for life)

** The life line is

1- long, deep. (Reading: vitality)

** The fate line is

1- breaks and changes of direction. (Reading: prone to many changes in life from external forces)

** Determining the hand shape

* Mine is

Water - long, sometimes oval-shaped palm, with long, flexible, conical fingers; length of the palm equals length of fingers but is less than width across the widest part of the palm
  • creative, perceptive and sympathetic
  • can be moody, emotional and inhibited
  • introverts
  • do things quietly and intuitively.
this was only done for fun :) but damn my fate line is a wreck hehe

ok, now i need to ask you something, look at the picture below of a leather jacket i'm considering to buy, what do you think?

ps: a link to the website i used for the palm lines readin

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dream In A Dream

these are daily events, i write one line each day, not everyday but most days, i guess my posts are going to be that way for a long time, it gives me a precious time to reconsider things i wrote during a bad phase where anger or passion or even love and hate took over my feelings and i couldn't control it, this way i can go back and edit some of the bad stuff i wrote whatever the reason might be, i won't hide the good stuff, i promise hehe

** Why most of the Kuwait’s young girls do sound the same when they talk on the phone, like shonech with no L and extra hhh and mar7abuhh with extra hhh? I like hehe :) , listen to a radio show called mara7eb at 10 am on 540 AM radio station, a girl named zawraq calls everyday, she talks funny, but I think she’s a bit horny hahaha.

** I feel bad since 10 days now and I have no friggin idea on how to overcome that, its killing me, HELP!!

** I have an imaginary friend, no its not a volleyball nor his name is Wilson, I call him bu salim and he’s an ant, quite an imagination you would say but let me tell you, this ant put me asleep whenever I desire, he knows more about the milky way than those fake scientists. beat that :)

** I’m a chai 7leeb addict, I drink 3 to 4 cups daily, i love gergaishen.

** If you think your life is fucked up and people live a better life than yours, think again, because I never thought of it myself until recently I found out about someone’s life issues, and boy do I feel I’m in heaven compared to him, those of you who feel depressed or those who thinks life is frowning at them, chill, someone else’s life is worse. We all have problems, its part of life.

** If you can hijack someone’s email then you’re not a hacker, if you use exploits to hack into someone else’s OS then you’re definitely not a hacker, unless you found a bug somewhere in a network or an OS or even a tiny software and managed to code an exploit to gain advantage of it, then you’re just a script kiddie, same goes to those who deface websites calling themselves hackers, fucking idiots use exploits from milw0rm and give themselves the credit, ask them to write a hello world program and I bet you they will just google it :)

** Its easy to be passionate about religion when talking about it, but its easier to deny it when it comes to your own issues.

** Today I had a dream in 1 hour sleep period, I was going through our kitchen thinking there is this dinner party that’s coming soon and it looks like we don’t have enough space to serve the people, the place where we want the people to be in was a mess, out of no where I find this card of someone named “guessman” and he’s a professional when it comes to such things and how to organize places, in my dream I got my hand on his card looking at it and then I woke up from my dream to the real world, I looked at my hand and I was holding his card, freaky you might say, wait, I talked to my brother and told him about the story and about the card and how it ended in my hand, he looked at me with a surprise look and asked me to meet him in the diwaneya, I went there and he asked me to take off my shirt, I asked him why? He said, you do drugs? What? I said ofcourse not, what’s wrong with you, then he told me, then why are you claiming that the card you’re holding was in your dream and it suddenly ended up in your hand when you woke up? I was about to answer that part, that’s when real real life struck back and woke me up for good this time. I hoped it wasn’t a card that I was holding, next time I might dream of something nice like Jennifer Love Hewitt and bring her back with me in another dream where we end up in a red bedroom, for her sake she has to be ready. Long story short, I had a dream in a dream in one hour, I woke up not once, but twice, suck on that dreamers :)

** This day is the worst day ever, it will take around 3 days to wash off the pain, bas yala sahalat inshallah :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

random thoughts.

*** I feel trapped?

*** Uni started and I can’t take it seriously, not when there are girls wearing fleece pants, Sexy even if it’s stupid.

*** 7seen alahmad? Shesalfah yal7abeeb gemt t’7orha :)

*** Facebook, I receive friend requests nearly everyday from people just looking to expand their friends list, Why? I only have 5 people whom I know through blogsphere, and real friends, am I pathetic? hehe

*** I feel like going to the beach, it’s been ages since I went last time. Any empty spots you recommend?

*** If you’re planning to do business online in Kuwait, please consider having the goods first, having a 7-12 days shipment plan makes you look stupid, because I can order it from the states or europe just *** like you, I know there are some people who lacks the knowledge to order online or doesn’t have a shipping address in the states or Europe or even afraid of using their cc, but atleast consider fair profits. is the perfect example.

*** I didn’t see the dark knight, no dvd, r5 of the movie yet hehe

*** The only colors that suit me well are blue white grey black, dull yeah :)

*** McCain the penguin

*** Palin, just see this clip please if you look closely enough you can see her trying to read from a note, I assume it was 1,2,3 points she put together, she ended up looking stupid confusing all kinds of stuff and mixing the points, I know about this tactic too but I just can’t go in an interview where millions of people watching minus the internet and exercise it. Scary thing indeed. lol.

*** What do you eat for dinner? It looks like that I eat the same things everyday, I always seem to have limited options for dinner, or is it how I feel about dinner? I’m not making any sense because I’m starving :(

*** I can see the sea from my house, does that make me a whale?

*** Anyone who had their cc billing address changed to a us address, please share your experience.

*** Why is there a single button to delete the whole document and no button to create it? How do you interpret life? It takes time to build something but no time at all to ruin it, food, love, friendship, etc.

*** I feel weird :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

The difference between a guy and a girl

stumbled upon this while surfing digg.

You be the judge :)