Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm not feeling anything!

i'm gonna be wasted for 4 days in dubai starting today, if you have any "cool" places i should check please leave a comment, Thanks for helping me feel something.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

DIY: How to get a girl?

Internet's DIYs never seizes to amaze me. dude, do you know they have guides on how to take a proper piss, excuse my language bas its frigging hilarious, the possibilities are endless. :)

i am gonna get so many hits because of this, just like my post on how does it feel to die, people are fucked, seriously!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Paintballing, This is how you do it, noobs!!

Journalism in Kuwait, ay a7!

مواطن يصدم آخر حاول ترقيم شقيقته

كتب المحرر الأمني:

لبى أحد الشبان النداء عندما استغاثت به شقيقته التي تعرضت للملاحقة من قبل شاب اراد «ترقيمها» في منطقة سعد العبدالله حيث «غيمت الدنيا فيه» وحضر واصطدم بمركبة الشاب المستهتر ومنعه من الاستمرار في ملاحقة شقيقته.

تفاصيل الواقعة حصلت عندما كانت مواطنة تقود سيارتها واذا بها تتفاجأ بمركبة يقودها شاب «حده سحت» اراد ان يتحرش بها الا انها لم تعره الاهتمام الامر الذي زاد من تعنته فاستمر في ملاحقتها فلم يكن امامها سوى الاتصال على «الفحل اخوها» الذي قاد سيارته وحضر اليها وشاهد قائد المركبة الذي كان يطاردها فاصطدم بمركبته حتى اجبره على التوقف وترجل من سيارته وتوجه نحوه يريد ان «يكسر خشمه» بيد انه تمالك نفسه وفضل الاتصال على رجال الأمن الذين حضروا وضبطوه

do you think he had a laugh reading what he wrote? or he felt a little bit stupid? because after seeing bo '7arshad 3ala alwatan last night, i think we are doomed, el3ahat get all the attention they need in order to expand their 3ahat fan base.

Kuwait Journalism. Fuck Yeah

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Portrait paintings

just two last week and thats really alot lol, although each was about an hour and half but it was only done to brush aside boredom.

Auto-Tune? Who wanna be a singer?

most people will tell you that enhanced images using Photoshop looks good and all but its all fake, fake portraits are cheap. ya3ni someone proposes to a girl based on a picture which was heavily modified in PS is just fucked up, use PS to fix the lighting or the composition, but don't use it to puff up your lips or fix your broken nose, ya3ni please we already have the plastic surgery doubts to worry about, now fake images?

ok, now PS is being used to enhance images, sometimes not only enhance but a complete makeover, how about the voice? well, a tool called Auto-Tune will make your voice really perfect. You know people tones vary from one to another but there is always a perfect line that most people can't have, Auto-Tune is the tool for you to achieve the perfect tone, la, with effects ba3ad, ya3ni prepare yourself to hear plenty of Auto-Tuned wannabe singers, like Mesh3al elshaye3 hehe, btw, hatha shfeeh? mo 9a7i? ya3ni 3leeh min allah '9lal? kil ma ya'7tem eb his million shows he say, Bayan ge63a madri cham? laish? mo kafi mlawe3 chabdna 6ale3 eb kil mokan? TV,Radio, Janjefa, mo bagi ela afta7 el7anafeya alagi Mesh3al elshaye3 6ale3 menha, tekfa '7alas ya 2demi stick to one thing, ya mothe3 ya momathel ya mo'3ani, tabi my advice? NONE, la2anah you suck in every category.

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